Cloud-based Single & Multi School Management Software

Dcodax is trusted by 1,100 schools in 80 countries, with 165 schools migrating to the system each year

The world's leading cloud-based Multi school management and student information system

We offer a secure, configurable, and centralized data management system with a suite of portals and apps for parents, students, and staff, so you can fully control all administrative, academic, admissions, finance, and wellbeing information.

Apps for teachers, students and parents

Portals to feed vital information to all school audiences

Modular MIS /SIS system allowing schools to grow

Accessible anywhere, any time

Our system is trusted by over 100 schools around the world. We are the leading cloud-based management information systems provider for independent and international schools throughout the world.

Cloud-based platform with 100 percent uptime

You can customize the powerful, versatile, online school management system to suit your needs.

Complete Multi School Management

You can easily manage your different branches at 1 place with complete accessibilty
android and ios

Android & iOS Application

You will be provided with an android and iOS app for easy access to the student, parent, and staff panels

complete website with online admission

You will be provided complete website with online website with online students admission and complaint management

web desktop

Who is the system for?

Our MIS / SIS platform is perfect for Independent and International schools globally. It is used by everyone within the school as well as admissions, finance, HR, teachers, and students – Dcodax makes all tasks easier.

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We have successfully integrated our school management system with a comprehensive set of modules to manage every aspect of administrative tasks for a smooth school operation, including admissions, well-being, communication, HR, fee billing, accounting, and more.

Business Managers

Financial planning, budget balancing, and more are key functions of the Bursar and senior management. Our financial and payroll solutions are fully integrated with our software provide a powerful tool to handle academic, wellbeing, administrative, and fee billing functions.
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HR staff

HR system is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and scalable HR tool that helps HR staff and teachers make sense of HR administrative tasks and focus on what really matters. It automates repetitive and time-consuming HR administration, and provides HR staff with enhanced HR insights.

Academic Staff

We offer a comprehensive set of modules that give your staff members a complete view of all key academic data. This lets them review student performance, highlight areas for improvement, and schedule and organize timetables.
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Teachers will be provided with all the tools they need to ensure the day runs smoothly. A dashboard for viewing school timetables, a daily bulletin noticeboard and the ability to input pupil marks, write pupil reports and track pupils’ progress.


All parents and guardians stay informed with the Parent Portal and the iParent App, which provide excellent communication, extensive information, and peace of mind.
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Students are able to access and print their course timetable, view their teaching groups, view their individual reports and view their assessment data through the Student Portal and iStudent App.

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Website & Management System
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