White Label Food Delivery App Solutions

Finding food delivery solution for your business can eliminate a lot of manual entry and reporting errors down the road.Pur solution will help you to boost your sales and will help to engage more and more customer for your business.

what you will get in our solution

Manage Food Delivery Business With one time payment Model

With Dcodax Food Delivery Solutions, you need not to wait till the application is designed or developed for turning live your food delivery business. Our ‘On-demand’ business solutions make it simple and happening for your business to start delivering food ASAP. Our business solutions are already designed and ready for use. You should give a try to our applications model ready for your business with the customisation you require. Have your own iOS and Android mobile apps the stores. No huge investments needed to make your dreams come true. Just pay onetime amount and start acquiring our business solutions in no time.

what you will get in our solution

Dcodax Food Is The Fastest Growing Multivendor Food Delivery PHP Script

Accurate Business Zone Map

You can manage numerous zones for your business coverage area in the admin panel. The map drawing tool can assist you in precisely drawing your coverage. These zones can have restaurants added to them. Food can only be ordered by people who are connected to the internet.

Restaurants Management

This multivendor delivery app can support several restaurants. As a result, you can create an endless number of restaurants and easily manage them from the admin panel.

OTP integration through SMS

This Food delivery system is developed with all modern technologies and facilities. OTP is significant among them for security and spam protection. You can easily integrate and verify your users which will help you to operate your business efficiently.

Food Management

You may manage categories and subcategories, attributes, add-ons, and more in the Food area. Any restaurant can have things added to it. A food management tool will also be added to the Restaurant panel.

Advanced Order Management

The Food Order Management function will assist the admin and restaurant manager in efficiently managing all orders.

Management of Dispatch

Dispatch Management can assist you in swiftly determining which orders are active and which orders are awaiting delivery. So, you can manage all the delivery with just the touch of a finger.

Apps For Delivery Men

You may establish an endless number of delivery men, who can quickly accept orders, deliver them, and earn money using Delivery men applications. From the admin panel, you may choose between a freelance delivery man and a salaried delivery man.

Manually Assign Of Delivery Men

The admin panel of the multivendor food delivery system will give you an exclusive feature so that you can assign an available delivery man immediately.

Marketing Section

This system will give you an extensive admin panel where you can operate crucial marketing aspects. Campaigns, ads, coupons, and push alerts are just a few of the features that will help you build your business quickly.

Section of Accounts

Sometimes your money can be collected by restaurants or delivery guys. So, you can manage the cash just inside your admin panel. You can see the earnings of restaurants and delivery guys, execute withdrawals, manually collect cash, and manage a large number of employees all on one platform.

Statistics and Reporting

With Elaborative statistics and reports, you'll be able to figure out your company's sales, HR, and restaurant details. Even you will find both days & food wise report.

Employee Management

Whether your company is small or big according to employee numbers, you can manage it through employee management section. You can operate the role of employees and make a list of your new employees.

Food Delivery Website Script With Complete Business Solution

Admin and Restaurant panel both have employee sections. Where you can create a new employee role and access your employee to your portal easily

Business Setting

Business Settings can assist you in establishing your company in the manner that you desire. You'll have a lot of options for customizing your business.

Complete Featured User App

This bundle includes the source code for the StackFood mobile app. We used flutter to create this app, which can be used on both Android and iOS.

Multiple Payment Gateways

our system has a number of payment gateways built-in. All of them are well-known, and you may get started right away.

Both iOS and Android App (Flutter).

This food delivery script app is developed through extensive UI\UX design, So the app is very user-friendly and your user will be satisfied after they install the app.

Get Readymade Food Delivery App In 48 Hours

Dcodax helps in executing your delivery startup process within 48 hours. Our readymade food delivery solutions are white labelled as per your brand requirements in a matter of two days. Get all the four essential food delivery apps with Dcodax.

Admin Portal

Customer App

Driver App

Restaurant App

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