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The Results





Social Media Results

After only one call, Malik identified that LYFE was the company he trusted and we launched his social media management campaign.

During the period of April 1, 2016 to April 1, 2017 we generated:







As you can see again, Malik was able to reach and engage his fans for less than $1.

But what Malik was really happy about was the 39 Pre-Owned Rolex Watch Offer Claims.

This basically means 39 people set up an appointment and made a commitment to visit the store to buy a pre-owned Rolex..

Here’s a screenshot of Malik’s total fans:

Take a look at the people engaged:

Sample Content We Posted

Content We Posted On Facebook

In 2017, Forever Diamonds continues to grow their brand awareness that ultimately drives more foot traffic and new customers.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Surely, you’ve heard of this famous phrase before. Who wouldn’t want to have these precious diamonds? However, since most people assume that jewelries are very pricey, persuading prospects to buy them also becomes hard. Good thing that is not the case for Forever Diamonds when they worked with us.

With our social media management services, they were able to reach and engage their fans for less than $1. But what really was significant was the 39 Pre-Owned Rolex Watch Offer Claims. This basically means 39 people set up an appointment and made a commitment to visit the store to buy a pre-owned Rolex!

Social Media Results

Between October 1, 2015 – August 31, 2016 we generated:

Taliah was able to reach and engage her exact target audience for less than $1.Actually, less than .20 cents on average. (Cost per fan + cost per engagement + cost per view)
Which is ridiculously good.
Here’s a screenshot from their ads manager showing 0.16 per fan.

Here’s a look at the $.01 cost per view.

(The cost per view is a lot more effective and cost efficient than traditional TV network advertising).

Here’s a look at the $.004 engagement cost.

Here are some of the posts with engagement:

What They Said About Us

Here is a review that their brand manager left for us:


Taliah Waajid’s products are so uniquely crafted that you can surely find people who will be interested in them. However, engaging these prospects and establishing a solid base of followers is a different story. It takes a carefully planned social media management plan to be able to achieve this. So what our social media team did was to target these prospects, build a connection with them, and create engaging content to keep them coming back for more. And what were the results? Well, we were able to engage over 260 thousand users at only $0.004 per engagement!

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