A 350% Increase in Organic Traffic Takes Law Firm From Barely Surviving to Positively Thriving

What Happens When You Optimize Every Opportunity?

With a clear understanding of what was at stake, Victorious set about crafting a strategy that could make a bottom-line difference for Cunningham Legal

Getting technical SEO on track with an SEO audit was critical to identifying any unforeseen barriers to ranking. We knew every dollar in the campaign budget needed to be leveraged for high-impact activities that would increase the law firm’s search visibility as quickly as possible.

From there, we focused our strategy on revenue generation, centering keyword research on semantically-related themes of commercially viable keywords that would increase high quality traffic to Cunningham Legal’s highest-converting pages.

Our creative link-building process also worked at scale to procure authoritative, thematically-relevant links from strong referring domains, using exact anchor phrases to target relevant pages according to our core keyword strategy.

Finally, an agile content collaboration was the linchpin of Cunningham’s SEO success, creating the right conditions for Victorious to respond quickly and capture anticipated search demand generated by new California legislation with significant estate planning implications.

After the California state lockdown, our firm was losing $100,000 a month. It looks like we've turned the ship around, in large part due to the team at Victorious. My staff of 28, their spouses, and children will be forever grateful for your work and expertise.

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Jim Cunningham - Founder & CEO

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