An 861% Increase in Search Traffic Connects People to Mental Health Support

When Shift Happens, SEO Pays Off

Paid search historically never worked for Citron Hennessey and it still wasn’t working when they reached out to Victorious. Citron Hennessey’s value was getting lost in the scramble for paid placements, so we shifted strategies.

Through keyword research, Victorious identified opportunities for Citron Hennessey to create SEO content with solutions to searchers’ needs. Newly optimized pages and a refreshed Google Business Profile quickly spurred an uptick in Citron Hennessey’s organic traffic.

Then, Citron Hennessey was unexpectedly removed from a popular referral site that had been a major compass for clients. Unphased, Victorious redoubled the focus on boosting conversions by optimizing existing content with low competition keywords. The result? A clear path directing clients to a solution, tripling conversion rates from organic traffic.

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we always take care of our clients and they are very happy, we have added few stories for you


i really thank Dcodax for providing amazing support for the project. both the android Tv app anbd mobile work fine and it helped our clients, highly recommended


Dcodaxwas really patient and humble. Very easy to work with and explains that you need to know and actually explain you. thank you again and I will be ordering in future.


We had a great experience working with this seller. He was attentive to the needs of our Team as we had undertaken a pretty huge project.

Why Clients Choose DCodax For Android Development:

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Here are just some of the ways that we stand out as a company when it comes to what our experience is with Magento and creating ecommerce experiences.