Building a 300% Increase in Organic Traffic for a Niche Business

Building a Bridge To Better Leads

BMarko Structures operates in a relatively new niche and wanted to present their solution to customers who needed their offerings and didn’t know it yet. Dcodax did a keyword research deep-dive to discover industry terminology that prospects used in search engines. We mined a plethora of keywords rich in both volume and ranking potential.

We took this keyword knowledge and applied it to BMarko’s website, optimizing it for conversions while improving the overall architecture. Together, our concerted efforts allowed BMarko to claim over a dozen number one spots for strategically significant keywords, spurring an explosion in leads.

“As a direct result of working with Dcodax, BMarko structures has seen a dramatic increase in leads from organic traffic on their site. The sales team is working overtime to meet the demand and convert new customers.”

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our happy clients

we always take care of our clients and they are very happy, we have added few stories for you

Maria A., Entrepreneur

Working with Dcodax was a true collaboration. They listened to my ideas, offered valuable suggestions, and delivered a website that exceeded my expectations. Their WordPress skills are impressive, and the SEO results are promising.


Arthur D., Managing Partner

Dcodax’s SEO magic boosted my website traffic like rocket fuel! My rankings skyrocketed, and leads have flooded in. They understood my goals and delivered a data-driven strategy that truly works. Highly recommend!

Eleanor B., Head of Marketing

From initial concept to launch, Dcodax made the web development process a breeze. Their expertise in WordPress design helped me create a user-friendly site that showcases my work beautifully. The SEO boost is a bonus!

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