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Clearon Bleach Tablets is a brand new bleach product found in over 700 Walmarts across the country. They use an exclusive effervescent (fizzy) formula for convenient deep cleaning. These multi-purpose cleaning products have a wealth of uses, from whitening and deodorizing laundry to removing mold and mildew stains indoors and outdoors.

They came to Dcodax Technologies to help them reach their target market which is the young individuals. 

What They Want To Achieve

Clearon Bleach wanted to reach college students and young adults in multiple parts of the nation, as quickly as possible. This led them to considering social media as an avenue to quickly reach their target market and to advertise their product on a daily basis at a low cost.

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I knew Dcodax would help with social media, but still, I just didn’t think people would talk, tweet this much about bleach!


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